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Super Savior is a hero created by Scott Eiler.
Alter Ego: Scott Stiles
Aliases: Super-Savior (with a hyphen)
Team Affiliations: Church of the Super Savior
Status: Active
Location: New Jersey (a.k.a. New Bosnia), on Earth-TW03 ("Turkworld")
Favorite Music: Wilco
Character Portrait
This article refers to the modern-day Super Savior. For the 1971 superhuman of that name, see Powernaut 1968.


Scott Stiles was successful and popular as a professional basketball player for his hometown team the Chicago Bulls. In 2003 he manifested superhuman strength and vigor. Though this made him more popular than ever, he had to resign from the NBA. He drifted naturally into media appearances and stunt basketball. When he was on a talk show and trying to give glory to some Higher Power for his own powers, the host jokingly used the phrase "Some Super Savior, then." The phrase stuck.

Scott retained his marketing contacts, and added superhuman contacts (such as the Hurrier) to play one-on-one stunt basketball with. "Church of the Super Savior" became a marketing gimmick, with t-shirts to sell at stunt basketball games. But increasingly Scott took the concept seriously.

Then came a demon challenge to the world. Scott Stiles took that challenge - and won a basketball game against the demon. Other superhuman adventures followed. By 2005 Scott Stiles had become a motivational speaker, and his movement was taken at least as seriously as Scientology. It attracted even more superhuman backers, such as Philippe St. Joseph Lateran and the New Sentinel.

By 2011 the Earth faced ecological catastrophe. Backers of Scott's movement had developed a plan to evacuate 144,000 well-equipped refugees onto an alternate low-technology Earth. Scott accompanied the evacuation. But it worked out poorly when that earth's globe-spanning Turkish Empire and its allies from the Council of Ordered Realities disarmed and captured the entire group. Only Scott escaped. After several adventures, e approached the Turkish Sultan directly, and arranged the prisoners' release in exchange for Scott's support of a North American peace plan.


Scott Stiles is affable and a natural figurehead. He's inclined to take advice from others who are more expert than he. Likewise, he also accepts help from others who have powers or abilities he lacks. As such, people outside his organization (and some within) consider him to be a tool. However, Scott is self-sufficient and never expects to be helped. He is loyal and idealistic, to the point of heroism.

Powers and Abilities

Scott Stiles has mid-level superhuman strength, plus other enhanced human physical powers. Others are stronger or faster, but few can match his reflexes and coordination.


Scott Stiles is 6'6" tall. At athletic events he wears a basketball outfit with the colors and logo of the Church of the Super Savior. At church events he sometimes wears a suit and tie, but prefers street clothes appropriate to the weather.


Author's Notes

The Super Savior is one of my dream concepts. From the start, it was a mix of an inspiring leader plus a devious set of marketeers. That dichotomy has persisted to the present day, though recent adventures run with the heroism of the Super Savior himself.

The Superhuman World Wiki has now made contact with the Legion of Net.Heroes Wiki! The latter currently has the definitive entry for the Council of Ordered Realities; that entry has gotten some creative input from LNH writers. I may parallel the entry here as I feel the need to add information, but I see no need to hurry with that.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 28 May 2015.

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