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Simon the Super Sea Monkey is a heroic ally created by Scott Eiler.
Team Affiliations: Power Patrol (1964)
Status: Unknown since the 1970s
Location: A marker in the lobby of the Hall of Power, Earth-SW12 (Earth-Power)
Favorite Music: The Powernaut theme song of 1964 (to the tune of "Three Jolly Fishermen")
Character Portrait


Simon was deposited as an egg, on the crust of the planet of Mars. In 1962 his egg was inadvertently brought to Earth, in the treads of the Mars boots of Paula Power. On Earth in 1964, he blooomed. Or hatched. Or whatever. Simon was adopted as a pet, by Paula Power and her Powernaut.

In 1966, Paula Power got full custody of Simon after the Powernaut of that era disappeared. In 1969, Paula disappeared as well. By then, S.O.S. was in custody. S.O.S. and Simon spent the next decade in isolation.

Simon did not have the lifespan of a human. He disappeared in the early 1980s - shortly before a hero "Simon the Hyper-Ninja Sea Monkey" appeared as part of the Hyper-Ninja Sewer Creatures. It's uncertain whether they are at all related - but the elder Simon laid no eggs.


In 1964, Simon was cheerful and boisterous like many Earth adolescents, and he had the full powers of his Martian species. Earth grownups of the 1960s often found him a challlenge to deal with.

Powers and Abilities

Simon had the maximum energy, strength, and agility that one may expect from a creature of his size. Though he was smaller than an average human, he was stronger.

His arms and legs were actually tentacles, for extra flexibility. With that advantage plus his native abilities, he could often dodge a Powernaut.


Simon was a bright pink sea monkey, like from those old time comic book ads.


Author's Notes

Well, why not. Powernaut Comics seems to have neglected submitting this major character to the Wiki before this. But Simon is certainly eligible. So he's attracted my attention.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 22 September 2017 (the Equinox).

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