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Scum Death is an anti-hero created by Scott Eiler.
Alter Ego: an alternate Wyatt Ferguson
Aliases: uh, isn't "Scum Death" enough?
Team Affiliations: the Scum Syndicate
Status: Semi-active; most recently observed at the Council of Ordered Realities in 2005
Location: Mobile throughout his Earth-SW10 and any Earth he wishes
Favorite Music: Metallica
Character Portrait


Scum Death has crossed across universes. He started as industrial cartoons around 1990. In Wyatt Ferguson's world, Scum Death showed up as Wyatt's duplicate - from a villain-plot which gathered cosmic power to produce a galaxy's worth of duplicates. Scum Death abandoned his own involvement in that plot - but he retained much of the duplicate-power, much more than his rightful share.

It was the 1990s. So Scum Death inspired a group of vigilantes, who became known as the Scum Syndicate. Those interacted with the slightly more powerful team Total Conversion in 1992. Total Conversion won in combat, but this made little difference to the Scum Syndicate. Scum Death himself barely even noticed.

Scum Death came back in support of the Scum Syndicate in 2005, though. Ellipsis had taken over the Council of Ordered Realities. Scum Death helped overthrow Ellipsis and drive him into exile. The Scum Syndicate stayed on as a mercenary security force for Ordered Realities. But Scum Death moved on. He was observed in 2015 at Halloween celebrations, in an updated mask.


Scum Death embodies all the things that corporate managers or old worried church ladies might ever worry about. Other than that, he is (surprisingly) usually a functional member of society.

Power Artifact

Powers and Abilities

Scum Death's powers are indefinable but cosmic-level, due to lasting intervention from outside the Earth. In terms of his Superhuman World... He has the same powers as Wyatt Ferguson, only with no limits ever. He can especially inspire people and blend in amazingly with normal life, given his mask and his appearance. He has even appeared alongside normal humans in the "Real World", but only on special occasions such as Halloween.

Scum Death's Wheel O' Scheduling has predictive powers which especially apply to the corporate world. Readers will be glad to know, the Wheel O' Scheduling exists in the Real World, and Scum Death has forced this Wiki to publish the Wheel O' Scheduling Assembly Kit.


Scum Death wears a hockey-style face mask, and usually a hat which fits above the mask. Other than that, he wears informal street clothes.

Character Update


Author's Notes

I've chosen the Wheel o' Scheduling from among two notebooks of cartoons drawn at staff meetings, to represent Scum Death's impact on society. He stood beside that wheel in 1991 for a Raytheon project now known as "High Definition Weather Radar". Polaroid in 1992 implemented a functioning Wheel o' Scheduling for its "Helios" medical film imaging project, along with the phrase, "Thanks for the Input, Scum!" That's about the last time Polaroid was ever relevant, though that's really not Scum Death's fault. (ahem, you try to sell physical film nowadays.)

Scum Death showed up in my own amateur fiction after that, and got some amateur attention. So I'm giving him some amateur attention now.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 26 December 2015.

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