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Nicholas is a mystic being interpreted by Scott Eiler.
Alter Ego: Nicholas of Myra
Aliases: Father Christmas, Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, Bishop of Myra
Team Affiliations: Christian Church of the fourth century A.D. (former)
Status: Semi-active
Location: Mystic realms and worldwide on any Earth he pleases
Favorite Music: Christmas carols and Gregorian chants
Character Portrait


Around 300 AD, Nicholas of Myra was a Christian bishop known for generosity. In time he became the fifth most worshipped Christian figure (behind the Holy Trinity and Mary of Nazareth), and a mystic being in his own right. Among modern pantheons, he has status roughly equal to Odin. Indeed, since Odin died, Nicholas has adopted Loki. Elves, gods, and demons all revere Nicholas as much as humans do - even though humans do not realize whom exactly they are revering. Nicholas has interacted with humans in the modern age, but usually not at Christmas and not as Santa Claus.


Nicholas is an ancient mystic being. He is sparing in his power, but effective in its use. He has appeared at any holiday where gifts may be given, for instance Mothers' Day and Thanksgiving.

Powers and Abilities

Nicholas does not have all the powers or resources associated with "Santa Claus". He especially does not circle the Earth once a year and deliver gifts. But he does has indescribable mystic powers. He has in past enabled, encouraged, and even compelled humans (both dead and alive, both fanciful and real) to give gifts on their own. Whenever he cares to interfere with humans who want to block the giving of gifts, he can... but he is usually concerned with more giving, not less blocking.

Nicholas can travel to any mystic realm, even among the dead. No human knows how Nicholas would fare in any sort of mystic conflict... because no mystic force has ever messed with him.


Nicholas wears a red hooded fur-lined coat like Father Christmas, with a Christian ecclesiastical stole on top.


Author's Notes

This is an instant Wiki entry, because I felt the urge once I heard of people who want to interfere with 2015 Christmas shopping. I believe this is the first entry since Imperilus that I have created original artwork for. But you might say, Nicholas is important.

It's no secret that Saint Nicholas is more than Santa Claus. I interpreted him such that he has the full power of one of the top two venerated Christian saints. St. Mary also has appeared in my fiction. I have always felt it important to use Christian sources of mystic power alongside all those others from traditional comic-book sources. I did stories about these saints so long ago, it's actually important to my fictional history. So it's perfectly sensible I might publish an entry about one of these guest entities on Christmas Eve... Merry Christmas!

(signed) Scott Eiler, 24 December 2015.

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