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Losernaut is a hero created by Scott Eiler.
Alter Ego: Leonard (Lenny) Lussier
Team Affiliations: Power Patrol (occasional)
Status: Semi-active
Location: Power City, Oregon, Earth-SW12
Favorite Music: William Shatner's first album
Character Portrait


Lenny Lussier took on the name of the Losernaut, and started appearing alongside the Powernaut of his era in 1948. This lasted until the early 1960s. But as the Powernaut became more involved in the activities of his Power Patrol, Lenny faded into obscurity.

The Losernaut returned in 1985, to help save his own and other Powernauts from a universe-spanning threat. He spent from then until 2011 alongside several other Powernauts, inside the new Master Pentahedron of Hypergaard. He's returned alongside the other Powernauts, and will someday appear in the Power City of his Powernaut's new world.


Talks in a nasal tone of voice. Is meek, but yearns for greatness.

Powers and Abilities

The Losernaut taps into the same power pool that Powernauts do. It's unknown how he started doing this, but it's known that Powernauts can share their power. However, the Losernaut taps it at much smaller levels, unless he is alongside Powernauts.


Similar to the Powernaut, only shorter, fatter, balder, buck-toothed, and wearing purple and orange.


Author's Notes

I love adding "Naut" onto words. So I naturally came up with the phrase "Losernaut". That phrase was so compelling, I came up with a one-shot comic for it. That character in turn was so useful, he returned for a pivotal Powernaut story. So, this one worked out.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 2 August 2016.

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