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Hyper-Piper is a villain (or maybe anti-hero) created by Scott Eiler.
Alter Ego: unrevealed
Aliases: The Hyper-Piper of Hypergaard
Team Affiliations: He sometimes works with other beings of power, but that hardly counts as a "team"
Status: Semi-active
Location: Anywhere in the Omniverse
Favorite Music: Improv on his own flute; he even relaxes that way
Character Portrait


The Hyper-Piper is a timeless being from the four-dimensional realm of Hypergaard. He is of a similar age to the realm's leadership (and possibly related to it). But for unknown reasons, he acts independently from them. They regard him as a hyper-pirate.

By the Earth year 1966, Hypergaard had taken an interest in the three-dimensional humans of Earth. This caught the Hyper-Piper's attention. In 1969 he started collecting Earth children, to raise as his own super-army for a future Hyper-Pocalypse. He was neutralized by the Powernaut of that era.

In 1987 a new Powernaut arose - and he had been one of the children the Hyper-Piper had once abducted! The Hyper-Piper made contact with him, and stayed in occasional contact through the late 1990s.

(to be continued)

Since 1999, the Hyper-Piper has semi-retired. He slums around various lower Earth-like communities, especially when they have ceremonies. When he brings the hyper-wine, his parties are quite popular.


The Hyper-Piper is arrogant and confident to the point of smugness. He's capable of making plans which span decades, though. And he enjoys watching a good superhuman fight, the same way some Earth humans enjoy watching mixed martial arts during dinner.

Powers and Abilities

As a member of the four-dimensional Hypergaard race, the Hyper-Piper is naturally several times as large and powerful as a typical human. He can control his size and appearance, to appear nearly human.

Many Hypergaardians are trained in the control of cosmic power, especially from any nearby Pentahedrons. The Hyper-Piper has near-maximum control. By Earth standards, his power is probably superior to any god who is not actively worshipped by name.

He focuses his power and control through a flute which he plays. He can manifest one head to talk and another to play the flute at the same time. Using the flute, he can dominate minds.

The Hyper-Piper has proven some ability to see the future. In the 1960s he was able to predict events as far ahead as the 1990s. He credits Hyper-Time for this. Indeed, with Hyper-Time he was in 1969 able to artificially grant future powers to the children he had kidnapped.


In human form, the Hyper-Piper resembles an adult man, only more angular.

Most residents of Hypergaard wear uniforms. The Hyper-Piper rejects this, though. He favors fancy archaic Earth-style formal clothing.


Author's Notes

Today I started compiling Wiki entries for major characters related to Powernaut 1987. Imagine my surprise when I found that the Hyper-Piper had none! So I've fixed this.

I conceived of the Hyper-Piper as a cool name for a person in Hypergaard who kidnapped children (to fit in with his original plotline). When I had to figure out what he looked like, I just said "Movie Loki, only more so". But as a character, he's more like the Grandmaster. At least in the comic books, the Grandmaster can come up with humongous plots to save the universe, but the heroes don't always like how that stuff works out.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 28 Feb 2018.

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