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Hyper-Ninja Sewer Creatures are a hero team created by Scott Eiler.
Alter Egos: Gavin the Gator, Rinaldo the Rat, Simon the Sea Monkey
Aliases: None
Team Affiliations: they are a team, but they have affiliated with the Heroes of the '80s
Status: Active at least 1984 - 1985
Location: Newark, New Jersey; universe uncertain, but possibly Earth-SW10 ("Superhuman World 10")
Favorite Music: INXS
Character Portrait


A rat, an alligator, and a "sea monkey" (brine shrimp) were mutated by toxic waste in a sewer. They seek the origin of the ooze that affected them.


At the time of their origin, they were silent. As they interacted with humans, they gained distinctive personalities. Rinaldo is most attuned to danger in their home environment, and functions as the leader. Simon is smiley and quirky. Gavin is boisterous. They're all deceptively cute, especially when they keep their fangs hidden - and they're ninja sewer creatures, so they always keep their fangs hidden unless they need them. But they're all dangerous.

Powers and Abilities

They have normal strength for creatures their size, but enhanced reflexes beyond normal humans. They have armed theirselves with makeshift weapons, made from items found in the sewers. Gavin and Rinaldo can each fight using fang and claw, and Gavin can use his tail as a bludgeon. Gavin also carries throwing-stars, and Rinaldo wields bludgeons or nunchucks. Simon is the most acrobatic of them, and carries a blade. They also each carry a pouch of various useful items - for instance, an aerosol can which sprays sewer gas.


These creatures each walk on two legs, and have roughly the size and mass of thirteen-year-old human children. They wear bandana-masks and belts of cloth.


Author's Notes

These are more characters developed for the Powernaut 1985 series, to reflect the spirit of 1980s heroism. Since I got challenged to put Manly-Man into his own comic, I'm following up with the others. Some of the finest moments of Powernaut Comics have been diversions such as this. Let's all hope it happens that way again.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 20 June 2015.

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