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El Cero is an evil mercenary created by Scott Eiler.
Alter Ego: unknown
Team Affiliations: Argentine soldiers of fortune (2004)
Status: Active (probably)
Location: worldwide on the "Superhuman World" (Earth-SW10)
Favorite Music: Anything you might hear on the jukebox in a cheap cantina
Character Portrait


El Cero has been a super-powered mercenary since at least August 2004. In that year, he fought for the Argentine side in the Tierra del Fuego war against Chile. He joined like-minded mercenaries to form a "death squad", to intimidate shipping into the Chilean port of Porvenir. There they encountered American and Chilean adventurers, and got at least briefly driven away.

In July 2005, El Cero was caught up in a worldwide abduction of superhumans by space aliens. He returned to Earth (the United States) alongside the superhumans, and agreed to work with the aliens - at least in theory. (Making deals to get out of prison, was a familiar concept to him.) But he then lost his powers in the reality shift initiated by the alien monster Spanker 4. Like the other depowered superhumans on American soil, El Cero was detained. He only regained his powers after yet another reality shift in 2006.

El Cero remained in the United States, and took a contract to intimidate one of the lawyers in the "Trial of the Powernaut". The Powernaut subdued him; El Cero went to city jail, but was sprung by a teleporter. He has been at large ever since, probably in nations which have no extradition treaty with the United States. When that same Powernaut opened portals to a new world in 2011, El Cero was not invited.


Basically, as much of a badass (or "bully") as he can manage. However, as a mercenary he's professional enough to comply with orders (for instance, "Don't Harm the Hostage").

Powers and Abilities

El Cero can turn invisible (but not intangible). He has damage resistance plus high-level superhuman strength. He can punch holes in ocean-going ships - and hold his breath below the waterline to do it, even at the height of winter. (He prefers to sneak aboard and punch out from some strategic point. But he usually has to swim afterward anyway.)


Looks like a biker dude, 6'6" tall and 300 pounds.


  • Earliest Appearance and First Published: Malacology (World Journal Monthly, August 2004)
  • Most Recent Publication and Latest Appearance: Powernaut 2006 #25 - 37, "The Trial of the Powernaut"

Author's Notes

El Cero is not an important character in and of himself. But he has been useful to stories, both before and after Powernaut Comics. So he's earned some Wiki support. In return, he gives the Wiki a useful perspective on all those reality shifts the Powernaut Comics refers to since 2005.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 10 July 2018.

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