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Dufus and Dom are archetypes created by Scott Eiler.
Alter Egos: Rufus Mialta and Dominic di Valentino
Aliases: Maybe on magazines in dentists' offices?
Team Affiliations: A team themselves; currently enrolled in Power School
Status: Active
Location: Power City, Oregon, U.S.A., Earth-Power (SW-12)
Favorite Music: Someone told Dufus that if he listened to Celtic music for a week, he could be reborn as a druid named Dyfys. This was more than a week ago, but Dufus is still trying. Meanwhile, his friend Dom listens to curated music on college radio downloads, plus some alternate channels which encourage donation distribution.
Character Portrait


Dufus and Dom are the public portrayals of two teamed-up child actors. They were seven years old as of 2004. They had been hired to represent "The Domination of Eiler", which was able somehow to cross universes. The boy heroes had been put in an advertising campaign, which resembled "Powernaut and Losernaut"!

Dom was a youthful supergenius. Before the contract term expired, he managed to divert all its funds which should have gone to Dufus and Dom, actually to Dufus and Dom. So by the age of fourteen (in 2011), they were millionaires.

In 2011, there came the "Powernaut Rapture". Dufus and Dom went together, to that new world. By 2013, they were students in a Power School there. They'd been accepted because people thought Dom might build a suit of powered armor or something. Dom insisted Dufus come with him.

During the Power School Homecoming game of 2013, Dufus and Dom were present as Spanker 4 attacked. Spanker 4 was saying he wanted to merge - with something or someone. Dufus volunteered himself. Spanker 4 accepted... They are now merged. The presence of Dufus within Spanker 4's mind restored that creature to full mental capability, but Dufus is in control.


Dufus and Dom both grew up as stereotypes: one a dufus, one a junior dominator. Only in their current school, have they started to grow up past that. Dufus accepted a mentor in the school janitor, the Losernaut. Dom accepted a rival, in Paulie Poderr.

Powers and Abilities

Dufus and Dom together have the full range of intellect which a high school student may have. But Dufus has the low range, and Dom has the high.

Each of their baseline physical abilities are near normal. Coach Powernaut is okay with that. But he's watching both of them, because physical stressors can sometimes trigger those superhuman powers. And he accepts, they are equal magnets for Weird Power. He was right about Dufus.

In his current merged form, Dufus has access to Spanker 4's physical powers, including growth and transformation.


Normal teenage boys. Dufus (in his human form) is larger and fatter, while Dom is better-combed. Dufus (in his Spanker form) has transformed his body to have increased size, with roughly his old head, plus Power School colors on his chest.


Author's Notes

This resembles multiple layers of reality. Dufus and Dom, icons from a web page not about stories, have come into a web page about stories. I suppose the layers of reality blur after those two.

Dufus and Dom are finally coming into their own, in Power School 2013. They will even prove *necessary* to the series. So I'd best describe them. I gave them one page to share. Dufus is the headliner in this act, so he gets the Wiki entry.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 8 September 2017.

Footnote: It is my pleasure to provide an update, to reflect the events of Power School 2013. (signed) Scott Eiler, 13 November 2017.

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