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The Diabolical Devilman is a hero (or maybe neutral) created by Wil Alambre.
Alter Ego: The Devil (First Circle of Hell)
Team Affiliations: Power Stars (1944-1945)
Status: Active
Location: Based in the uppermost circle of Hell
Favorite Music: Buddy Rich
Character Portrait


The Diabolical Devilman is (apparently) a damned creature. Human or demon, no one quite knows. But in the 1940s, he came up from Hell to do good upon the Earth. He allied himself with crime-fighters, such as the Super Wizard from Space. He even took custody of Adolf Hitler, and allowed the Powernaut of that era to visit him in Hell.

The Diabolical Devilman was known for his wisdom. He was eventually given custody of the First and Highest Circle of Hell. In a faraway universe, he was even acclaimed as Earth's Devil and offered a Cosmic Crown, one of seven fundamental powers. But the Devil of the Second Circle of Hell claimed it. In turn, the Diabolical Devilman arranged for a wandering super-mage to steal the crown back.

Meanwhile, the Second Devil gained influence over the various Devil-worshipping humans of all Earths which he visited. In the end, this worked out poorly for him. The Second Devil dispersed his body parts amongst Satanic worshippers led by Auge von Shaitan, in order to prevent that entire Devil from ever being ritually summoned. Von Shaitan's followers eventually rebelled, and took their Devil body parts to yet another universe.

The lowest Circles of Hell are only vaguely interested in the realms of the living. And so, the Diabolical Devilman is effectively the only agent who interacts between Hell and Earth now. He calls himself *The* Devil, whenever he feels like.


The Diabolical Devilman is suave and intelligent. He usually makes friends.

Powers and Abilities

When the Diabolical Devilman appears upon the Earth, he has standard mystic powers. These are at least enough to stop a moving truck. In Hell, he has total command over his domain and its residents. He carries an iron pitchfork there, and in realms below; it channels his power from his realm.

But his greatest power to date, has been his demeanor and intelligence. He naturally forms alliances in reaction to dangerous situations.


The Diabolical Devilman is a short but well-dressed gentleman, in a tuxedo, top hat, and opera cape. To Earth humans, he appears normal, albeit with greasy hair and heavily sunburned.


Author's Notes

This is a milestone: the first entry for a guest character in this Wiki. And this character has significant history outside my stories, to boot. But this is all on the Web, just like Powernaut stories. I hope I've done him justice.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 4 January 2017.

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