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David Brizitski is a hero created by Richard Desautels.
Aliases: Dave Brizitski
Team Affiliations: Total Conversion
Status: Active (though clinically dead)
Location: typically New York City
Favorite Music: R.E.M.
Character Portrait


As a young lawyer in New York City, David Brizitski ran afoul of the Mafia; he was a defense lawyer for a rival of the mob boss "Joe Bananas" (Giuseppe Banasclone). David died in a mob hit in 1992, and his corpse was hidden by the killers. But he declined to pass to the afterlife. He went back to his job - as a ghost. He had the vengeful pleasure of winning his client's legal case.

By then, David had attracted the attention of the renegade hero Ellipsis. Ellipsis understood the advantages of hiring a skilled lawyer who could handle weirdness. So David went on staff at the Total Conversion Foundation. He would infrequently go on missions with the Foundation's battle squad. But his main contribution to the Foundation was legal defense. David stayed with the Foundation, until it dissolved in 2004. Then he opened his own office. To this day, David Brizitski remains a leading lawyer in superhuman affairs.


One might think David Brizitski would be a spirit of vengeance. But he is typically a peaceful man, dedicated to his work.

Powers and Abilities

David Brizitski has standard ghost powers: flight, intangibility, some energy control, and the ability to read a human's memories by passing through their body. He can transfer his intangibility onto other bodies by contact.

More importantly, David is also a skilled defense lawyer. David was never declared legally dead, so he has the full legal rights of any living human.

David's body is made of ectoplasm, but he can simulate human mass and density with it. Intense energy fields can disrupt his form, but he can reform himself when outside the fields.

David once had the ability to cross dimensions, via the Dreamtime. But the goddess Hestia (a.k.a. "Family Goddess") denied that to him, after one incursion.


David Brizitski retains the youthful appearance he had when he died decades ago. He takes care to grow his hair, to simulate being alive.

Though he is immune to effects of climate, he appears to wear street clothing appropriate to the weather. He particularly likes to go outside in the Soviet Army greatcoat which he was wearing when he died.


Author's Notes

This has been a fun trip down Memory Lane, especially checking some of the references. The problem is, Memory Lane barely goes here! Though I found an old drawing of Mr. Brizitski and *one* old story which mentioned him, I had to dig deep to find any record of what his backstory or his powers actually were. So I made some up. I recall "Joe Bananas" from one of those old adventures, so I put him in. Likewise, the Red Army greatcoat.

As I write this, I've started writing "The Trial of the Powernaut" for 2006 comics. Natually I needed a defense lawyer. Here's one! So, he's just made the Wiki - even ahead of Crusher Joe!

(signed) Scott Eiler, 16 Dec 2017.

David Brizitski is a character created by Richard Desautels. This entry and all other characters within it are copyright © 2016 by Eiler Technical Enterprises.