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Auge von Shaitan is a villain created by Scott Eiler.
Alter Ego: abandoned when he took the name "Auge von Shaitan"
Aliases: The Eye of Satan
Team Affiliations: Donors of Satan
Status: Active
Location: A chateau in the Austrian Alps
Favorite Music: Organ fugues
Character Portrait


It's unknown how old the man now known as Auge von Shaitan is. However, he was of advanced age and had his powers by the 1940s. At that time, he gained influence as a mystic adviser to Adolf Hitler. He may have first confronted superheroes then; he did fight the Powernaut and Private Danger at the end of the war.

After the war, von Shaitan spent generations recruiting associate members for his mystic order. Each member was rewarded with access to the powers of one body part of the (supposed) Judeo-Christian Devil. Together, they could gather and summon that Devil.

At present, most of the members (and body parts) of his religious order are in rebellion against him. They have taken refuge in another universe.


Auge von Shaitan is a practising Satanist. He is brave and admirable, by Satanist standards. His religious order considers its members to be the only truly moral people on Earth, because they so decisively reject false morality from outside themselves. By his actions over the years, von Shaitan is well-qualified to lead this order.

Von Shaitan is long-lived, and develops plans which mature across generations.

Powers and Abilities

Auge von Shaitan has picked up many mystic powers over the years. Even by 1945, he could battle the Powernaut to a standstill.

Von Shaitan's right eye has been replaced with an eye from his demonic sponsor. With this eye, he has any kind of vision power one can imagine. The eye can detach from his body; when it does this, it can see across space, time, and universes.


Von Shaitan dresses like a European gentleman of the 1800s. He covers his devil-eye with a thick monocle, except when he needs to use its powers.


Author's Notes

I've created several villains who might qualify as adorable anti-heroes. Auge von Shaitan is not one of these. Nor is anyone he works with. As I said to my friends once... I usually don't represent my friends as devil-worshippers. But I've done my research on Satanists for all the stories which involve Auge von Shaitan. So I'm not going to just demonize them.

I first envisioned this character when I heard a recording by Tool entitled, Die Eier von Satan. I said to myself, Cool, Eye of Satan! But in German, Eier is "Egg". So I preserved "Eye of Satan" anyway.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 21 October 2016.

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