"The Union of the Snake"
Don't Tread on Me

The Union of the Snake

Introduction: What if Jesus Christ had conquered the world with twelve legions of angels? (Or what if people could claim that he had?)


  1. Union of the Snake: The Beer and Pretzels Bible Study
  2. The Missile X Incident

Union of the Snake: The Beer and Pretzels Bible Study

This world's history says, Jesus of Nazareth conquered the Roman world with twelve legions of angels in the years 29-30 AD. Even in our world, the Bible says Jesus claimed he could. Either that claim was literally true, or humans defected to him at the right time.

In this modern world, Christians therefore have an attitude. Most democracy here, is the result of Satanist theology.

There is one Satanist country on Earth: the Union of the Snake, in North America. It used to occupy the same territory as the United States and Canada of our timeline, put together.

But there's been a rebellion, starting in 1980 AD. Most of the southern parts of the Union are now occupied by the United States of God. The battle lines stretch from New York City (a.k.a. New Babylon / New Jerusalem) to the Pacific Northwest (a.k.a. the Keltic Occident).

The Missile X Incident

Okay, some nukes get out of control in 1985. The United States of God has taken control of most of the land-based nuclear missile bases, in the Great Plains.

Luckily, it's limited. The Union of the Snake still controls most of the nuclear submarine bases, on (obviously) the coasts.

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