Kansas and Sirius are Burning
Fire! Fire!

Kansas and Sirius are Burning

Introduction: The North American continent has been in a state of war, ever since the American Crusade of 1980. The Crusade rebelled against the Union of the Snake, the government of northern America since the 1770s. Now America has a second government, the United States of God. The battle lines run from shore to shore, from New Babylon/New Jerusalem to the Keltic Occident.

The rival states have observed an undeclared truce since the Missile X incident of 1985. But the war's about to heat up again.


  1. A Day in Boston
  2. The Pentacle
  3. Strange Visitors
  4. Assemblage
  5. Armies of Two Million
  6. Recovery
  7. Ritual
  8. The Burning
  9. Exodus

A Day in Boston

Our Hero is one Steve Ellis, a priest of the Serpent. Which is to say, he's a Satanist, but in a world where Satan's a good guy, at least by comparison with the competition. Steve works in Boston with a priestess, a sweet fabulous babe named Margaret Zielas.

Most of New England is Union of the Snake territory, like most of Canada, Michigan, and the Pacific Northwest. Everything south of these places is United States of God.

The Pentacle

The news today says, most of Florida is under occupation by forces unknown.

Strange Visitors

The Serpent Priesthood meets some refugees, who identify the occupiers of Florida. But it's just one occupier! He calls himself "Red Guardian".


Whatever's going on, maybe the Serpent Priesthood should be ready. From across the continent, they assemble in the closest point of the Union of the Snake to Florida. Which is, either Detroit or Boston, and Boston wins.

Armies of Two Million

Florida has a population of ten million, and it's mostly in the peninsula - at least six million there. They're all being driven out, in armies of two million. They're not at all equipped to conquer, but the sheer tide of humanity is more than the U.S. God military can deal with.

There are some secret Serpent faithful in Florida. Some Serpent Priests and Priestesses are sent to protect them. They're all dealt with roughly.


It becomes apparent, the conqueror of Florida does not mean any of us well. The Union of the Snake, had best ally with the United States of God against him


The Serpent Priests and Priestesses, being all Satanists too, are prepared to fight the supposed Satanic power of this invader. And so it happens, in mystic ways.

The Burning

But meanwhile, the United States of God decides it's time for a doomsday weapon. And they have one! It's a Sunfire Cannon, designed to cause a solar flare which bathes the Earth in fire. As it strikes, an amateur radio report comes in from Colorado: "Kansas and Sirius are burning!"


Naturally, the burning spreads fast. There's just enough time for the Serpent Priesthood in Boston to cast a spell on two of their number... Steve and Margaret, the Boston priests. They are exiled from their Earth... which has died in fire, screaming.

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