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Photos by Scott Eiler

It has become apparent that, despite the existence of lots of pithy commentary, visitors to just want to see the photos, nicely captioned one apiece. So let's finally give the people what they want.

Each photo here is the best (or two best) of one directory. Perhaps one day there will be travelogs for each one. But let's start small at first. For now, clicking on each title will just get you a list of related photos. Some lists have displays with captions. A click on each photo there, will get to a bigger photo.

Most recent stuff first.


2018 may be the start of the Second Continental Offensive of the Domination of Eiler. The Domination has taken some preliminary steps - and finally claimed Hawaii.


The Harbor in Hawaii

The Skyline in Hawaii

Honolulu is hot even in February. But Hawaii is an important part of the whole world.


Downtown Marysville

Downtown Tulalip

Marysville is about the most Midwestern American town in western Washington State. And then there's the neighboring town and casino of Tulalip.

Eastern Washington

Moses Lake


Finally I got to see the eastern part of Washington, more or less the right way.


Downtown Marysville

Downtown Semiahmoo

More obscure points north of Seattle. Mostly, the best cuisine is breweries with food trucks. But one point is really popular, despite the rust.

2014 - 2017

After the Great Western Offensive of 2013, life was quiet. Just one trip or so each year, then normal life. Except maybe that one trip to Chicago.

South Lake Union - Seattle (2014)

Lakefront Historic Park


Seattle is full of neighborhoods which count as medium-sized towns. This one does scenic cruises and seaplanes.

Halloween 2014




Mass costuming, plus an appearance of the Powernaut.

Vancouver (2015)

Which Waterfront Is This?


Vancouver has an interesting walkable urban district. It just sucks to drive there.

Columbia Gorge (2016)

Which Way Walking Down?


The middle of Washington State needs its own publicity.

Fremont - Seattle (2017)

It Crawls By Daylight


Quirky neighborhood.

Belltown - Seattle (2017)



Practically downtown Seattle.

Chicago (2017)

I Suppose


Scott and his brother and sister, in a trip to downtown Chicago. Plus an art museum.


The year of the Great Western Offensive, plus separate trips in Washington.

Eastern Washington

Nuclear History Prisoner of the Town Museum

Landscapes and small-town history.

Olympia (and Boeing)

Rub Washington Look at All Those Airplanes

State capitol and aviation stuff.



Off-season at the Grand Canyon.


Downscale Fort Lake Cruise

The less-populated parts of California, including Lake Tahoe and the Sagebrush Rebellion country.


State Provisional Governor Lake Cruise

That failed rebel from California? His picture hangs in the Nevada Statehouse! Nevada likes bad boys.

Oregon (and again and again)

Statehouse Trailhead

Across the state, from statehouse to trailhead. And later back to coastline.


Nature Fun City Fun

Utah has both nature fun and city fun.

Western Washington


Coastal Washington has pleasant towns to face the oncoming winter in.


Numerous small trips within Washington, and a big trip to California.


Fort and Offices

The neighborhood of the historic Sutter's Fort in Sacremento is well-representive of California.

Bellingham - Washington


Bellingham has an interesting parade every year.

Fall City - Washington


Fall City is named after Snoqualmie Falls.

Mukilteo - Washington


Mukilteo is best known for its waterfront. Well, its ferry anyway.


Smurfette Birthmarcus

Various people in various costumes. What if Scott's birthmark were symmetrical?

Vacations: 2011

Washington, British Columbia, and finally Alaska.



The harbor view in Ketchikan, Alaska in November. With commentary.

British Columbia

The Peace Arch Whistler Village

A road trip makes it across the border. With commentary.



Weekend trips and a road trip over the mountains. With commentaries.

Whale Watch


Orca-Dominance out of Anacortes, Washington. With commentary.

Life: 2010 - 2011

Bothell, Washington

Halloween 2011

The Party

The first Eilertech Halloween Party in Washington.

Fourth of July 2011

The Cake

Fourth of July Parade in Bothell. With commentary.

Jethro Tull

One Leg

In concert at a winery, 19 June 2011. How civilized. With commentary.

Bothell 2011

Phones at the Phone Company

People really do like phones at the phone company.

Halloween 2010

Other People's Costumes

The last Eilertech Halloween Party in Illinois.

Bothell 2010

Weather and Industry

Washington weather and industry.

Perpetual Road Trip: 2010

Coast to Coast!

August 2010: Washington Again

Apple Crates

Yakima loves apples. Going back to Washington, this time to stay.

August 2010: South Idaho


Scenic Basquetown in Boise. Then Pocatello and the Great Basin. With commentary.

August 2010: Oregon

Wicked Astoria

Astoria, the Most Wicked Place on Earth. Then Portland and the Oregon Trail in reverse. With commentary.

July 2010: Washington

Ocean Shores

Nice shoreline. Not far to desert if you'd rather have that. With commentary.

July 2010: British Columbia

Ocean Shores

Victoria likes Elizabeth, among other things. With commentary.

July 2010: North Idaho

Wallace, This Way

Forests, mines and canyons at Wallace. With commentary.

July 2010: Montana

Boot Hill vs. Applebees

Montana's the kind of place where you might find either Boot Hill or Applebees. Or both. With commentary.

July 2010: North Dakota


North Dakota is proud of how bad its land is. With commentary.

July 2010: Minnesota

Heh Heh, They Said Touch the Viking

Minnesota remembers Vikings. And grain blight. And twine. With commentary.

July 2010: Wisconsin

Beer Industry

Chippewa Falls likes the beer industry. With commentary.

June 2010: Ohio

Glass Industry, Dammit

Cambridge really likes the glass industry. With commentary.

June 2010: Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Remembers Oil

Harrisburg remembers the oil industry, among other things. With commentary.

June 2010: Connecticut

Emotion-Controlling Mineral

Danbury is proud of a mineral named after it. With commentary.

June 2010: New Hampshire

Lake View

The Lakes District. With commentary.

May 2010: New York

Memorial Day Ceremony

Rochester and the Finger Lakes on Memorial Day. Proud to be the home of Memorial Day, but they proudly just stuff the flag that day. With commentary.

May 2010: Ontario

Local Ambiance

Southern Ontario. Great fun, even if they try to scare people away from downtown. With commentary.

May 2010: Michigan

Local Decor

The Thumb of Michigan. Flint, Frankenmuth, Port Austin, and especially Grindstone City. With commentary.

May 2010: Illinois, Wisconsin

Found in Hotel

Life in hotels. You can find some interesting stuff sometimes. With commentary.

Life and Road Trips: 2010

From Illinois to the Caribbean

April 2010: Illinois, Florida

Nuclear Visitor Center Mascot

Southern road trip continued. With commentary.

March 2010: Illinois, South Carolina

South Carolina Attitude Legobama

Life around metro Chicago, and a Southern road trip. With commentary.

February 2010: Illinois, Wisconsin

Milwaukee in Space

Life around metro Chicago and Milwaukee.

New Year 2010: Illinois, Tennessee, Florida, Dominican Republic

With commentary.

Everglades Tropics

A three-week road trip at the height of winter.

Life and Vacations: 2009

Nashville, Tennessee and Palatine, Illinois

New York City, Thanksgiving 2009

With commentary.

Recession Wisdom

A not-so-cheap place for vacation. But nice view.

Western Wisconsin 2009

With commentary.

Recession Wisdom

A cheap place for vacation.

Nashville 2009

With commentary.

Athena Lenten Blues

Tennessee culture. In Nashville, you can see Athena in a Parthenon and bluesmen in church.

North Carolina / Cumberland Gap 2009

With commentary.

Land Marker

Land markers in Cherokee country.

Smoky Mountains 2009

With commentary.

Hiker 1 Hiker 2

Team hiking to the LeConte Lodge.

Knoxville and Gatlinburg, 2009

With commentary.

Knoxville Gatlinburg

The Sunsphere from the Knoxville World's Fair in 1982, plus tacky tourist stuff.

Tupelo 2009

With commentary.

Elvis and Tupelo

Tupelo, Mississippi was home to Elvis Presley and quite a bit of Civil War fighting.

Indianapolis 2009

With commentary.

Indy Indy

President Benjamin Harrison's historic house.

Hudson Valley 2009

With commentary.

Iron Roosevelts

The FDR Presidential Library in Hyde Park, New York.

Trip to Tennessee 2009

With commentary.

Tennesseans Invade Germany

From Lansing to Nashville, 2009. Job-related relocation.

Holidays: 2002 - 2009

Halloween 2009

With some commentary.

Zombie Minion of the Speed Force

The Flash made it to the party this year, but somewhat the worse for wear.

Halloween 2008

With some commentary.

Heroic Minion of the Speed Force Heroic Minion of the Jellybean Force

There was a party, but the Golden Age Flash missed it. He did hang out with Baptists, though.

Halloween 2007

With some commentary.

Spirit of Vengeance - and Friends

There was a party, but the Ghost Rider still went out afterward to make friends.

Halloween 2006

With captions!


The Incredible Bat-Lincoln!

Farewell Parties 2006

With some commentary.

A Retirement of Sorts

AT&T Farewell Parties, May 2006. After some corporate mergers, there was a bit of exodus.

Xmas 2005

With captions!

Domination Santa

World Domination Santa, plus the You Can Be Santa Party.

Halloween 2005

With captions!

World Domination The Powernaut

Two costumes: World Domination (of Eiler) and The Powernaut.

Xmas 2004

Scary Santa

The Scary Santa Party.

Halloween 2004

With captions!

Doctor Frankenmolar and Friends

Doctor Frankenmolar with his ferocious head gear, and friends.

Halloween 2003

With captions!

Thunder Bunny Colon in the Hat

Two costumes: Thunder Bunny and The Colon in the Hat.

Halloween 2002

With captions!

Gumby and the Little Children The Mad Scotsman

Two costumes: Gumby and the Mad Scotsman.

From here, photos are in forward chronological order within sections.

Life and Vacations: 2007 - 2008

Lansing, Michigan

South Lansing, Michigan 2007 - 2009


Lansing is a city for working - but pleasant to live in too.

Lake Huron 2007

With commentary.

Bridges, Dammit A Tower

Vacation to Port Huron-Michigan and Sarnia-Ontario.

Grand Rapids, Michigan 2007

With commentary.

Big Whale Carcass Turkey Pub

Thanksgiving vacation to Grand Rapids.

South Haven, Michigan 2008

With a bit of commentary.

Beach Weather

February beach vacation in Michigan.

Northeast Indiana 2008

With commentary.

Duck Amphibious Assault Vehicle

Vacation to Auburn, Fort Wayne and Warsaw. Lots of automotive museums.

South Central Michigan 2008

With commentary.

Honoring the Enemies of America

Vacation in Michigan - by bicycle. There was some tourism, and the riding was easy.

Upper Peninsula Michigan 2008

With commentary.

Famous Bell Marquette Lighthouse

My second lap around Lake Michigan, this time along the Lake Superior shoreline. Very scenic.

Vacations: 2003 - 2006

Southern Indiana 2003

Big Peach

George Rogers Clark came through Indiana once, but a giant peach makes a better monument.

St. Louis, Missouri 2004

Big Arch

I stayed in a well-placed hotel room near St. Louis.

Hannibal, Missouri 2005

With commentary.


Hannibal-Missouri was home to Mark Twain. They still venerate Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.

Brazil 2005

With captions!

Giant Concrete Jesus Scott and Jesus and Friends

Brazil is the home of Giant Concrete Jesus - plus much charity. I went there with the Christian Children's Fund.

Southwest Wisconsin 2005

With commentary.

Pointy Room

The Pointy Room from the House on the Rock, home of bizarre architecture.

Quad Cities 2006

With commentary.

Big Gun of Arsenal Island

Arsenal Island is the heart of the Quad Cities of Illinois and Iowa. And they still make big guns.

Lap Around Lake Michigan 2006

With commentary.

Fort and Bridge

Mackinaw City, Michigan has a historic fort plus a big bridge across the Great Lakes.

Southern Wisconsin 2006

With commentary.

Historic House

Southern Wisconsin has at least one place where Abe Lincoln slept.

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin 2006

With commentary.

Bird and Pony Show

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin is home of a bird and pony show.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2006

With commentary.

The Miller Lite Health Club

Milwaukee, home of breweries.

Vacations: 2000 - 2002

Prince Edward Island 2001

Patriotic Flags in 2001

Canada had snow on the southward-facing beaches of its finest beach district in May.

Ontario Road Trip 2001

Patriotic Flags in 2001

Patriotic North American Non-Airline Vacation of September 2001. Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ontario, and Vermont.

Virginia 2002

With some commentary.

Robert and Li'l Robert E. Lee

Sacred resting place of Robert E. Lee in Lexington-Virginia - plus a Beanie Baby from the in-building gift shop.

Home: Douglas and Hudson, Massachusetts, 2000 - 2002

Hudson, Massachusetts 2000

With captions!

Hudson, Massachusetts

Hudson, Massachusetts. Home of Cap Gemini Ernst and Young Massachusetts - and more than one bait shop.

Hudson, Massachusetts 2000

With captions!


Mini-Me! More than one Scott at work.

Halloween 2000

With captions!

Nice Hair, Scott

Cheap hair from the Discount Hair Club for Men! I said it was my Halloween costume.

Xmas 2000

With captions!

Bah, Humbug

Bah, Humbug! A fully belief-inclusive Xmas display. Don't ask about "Oh Oh Oh" in the windows.

Douglas 2000

With captions!

Ice Cream! Veterans

Ice cream and Memorial Day parades! Douglas, Massachusetts has stuff to attract the old-fashioned vacationer.

Vacations: 1985 - 1999

Rutland, Vermont 1985

Cultural archaeology.
Moose and Cow
The moose that loved a cow. Aside from the Halloween Parade, the biggest show in town.
Rorschach 1985
I joined the parade as Rorschach...
Rorschach and Rorschach
... and I wasn't the only one.

Niagara (and Indiana) 1986

Niagara Falls.
On the boat at the Falls.
Indy 500
Race fans at the Indy 500, later that trip.

Berlin 1990

The Wall Goes Down!
The Berlin Wall comes down at Checkpoint Charlie.
The Wall and The Wall
Roger Waters of Pink Floyd put up his own wall. Note how the walls cross, and which one predominates.
The Berlin Flea Market
When he left town, the flea markets took over.

Paris 1991

Timeless. (Aside from my hairline.)
Big Tower Big tower.
Wide Tower
Wide tower.
I got to present a paper at a meteorology conference.

Labrador 1997

Manic 5
The big hydro power dam Manicouagan #5 in northern Quebec.
The Trans-Labrador Highway at the landward entrance to Labrador.
Safety Record The safety record of Labrador's big industry.

Northern Ontario (and Ohio) 1998

Arctic Watershed On the way to the Arctic Ocean.
Road to Nowhere
A sign "Thunder Bay 733 KM" says much about northern Ontario.
Put-in Bay, Ohio.

Nunavut 1999

Frobisher Monument Monument to Martin Frobisher, the first European visitor. Mostly he's not remembered fondly.
Ice in the harbor; dogs in the fields. The dogs eat children sometimes. Really!
I didn't get to hear the trumpet from the angel's hand. The other script on the sign is Inuktitut, not Enochian.

Greenland 1999

With commentary!
The Middle of the World Kangerlussuaq, the middle of the world.
Midnight Sun
Home of the Midnight Sun.
Ice Photo Safari
Still the home of the icecap - at least in 1999. Note the cars in the foreground.