Eiler Technical Enterprises Logo.  Most of the difference is Eiler. The Domination of Eiler Battle Flag.

The Job Change of 2006 at Eiler Technical Enterprises

Pictures by Scott Eiler

Eiler Technical Enterprises has gone independent! It has parted on relatively good terms with its corporate patron, "Some Big Company". There was much celebrating from all involved.

The Freedom Countdown

In Scott's office, the countdown clock was ticking.

The Flags

The Domination of Eiler battle flag was still flying.

Max and the Retirement Sign

Max and the party sign. Scott's retiring just long enough to find another job.

Suresh #1

Suresh #1.

Suresh #2

Suresh #2. With the pool table.

The Bains Sisters

The Bains sisters and their hanger-on. Sati, in center, borrowed this party for her own going-away.

Jerome and Maotze

Jerome and Maotze. How well do those camera-phones work, anyway?

Matt and Shui

Matt and Shui.

Scott and Sticks and Shui

Scott and sticks and Shui.

Scott and Just Shui

Shui wanted her own picture. It seems the sticks made her jealous.


The party let some strangers in to play darts. Hi!

Group o' Testers

Group of Testers.

Group o' Testers 2

Group of Testers #2.

Hi Winnie!

Hi Winnie!

Hi Cheng!

Hi Cheng!

Mikhail and Friends

Mikhail and friends.

Everybody Sway!

Everybody sway!

The Last Group

The last group.