Greencroft Park Neighborhood Association
The organization is currently inactive. Please enquire at the South Lansing Community Development Association.
Greencroft Park Neighborhood Association
South Lansing, Michigan, USA

We're here because we live here. And it's really quite pleasant.

What We Want In Our Neighborhood

We want our neighborhood to be healthy, attractive, well-publicized, and safe. The rest is detail.

First detail: We have now decided on a neighbohood name. It is Greencroft Park, in honor of our city park.

Long term, we dream of:

  • Working to develop Greencroft Park. This started May 3, 2008. The Park District put in some picnic tables (though these have since been removed by parties unknown), and the neighborhood association cleaned up the park. Now we have to decide what other equipment we'd like, preferably of a permanent nature.
  • Improving the rest of the neighborhood. Trash is a concern on some streets. Apparently some people's mommies haven't taught them to not litter in public. This is where the neighbors have to come in.

What We've Done

Park Cleanup What We Cleaned

May 3, 2008: Greencroft Park gets a cleanup.

Here's some of what got removed.

Ice Skating Party Neighborhood Refreshment Table

February 16, 2008: Greencroft Park ice skating party, Washington Park skating rink.

Refreshments at the skating party were well-received by both Greencroft Park residents and visitors.


The Lansing City Council has sent people to attend our neighborhood meetings. They're actually impressed we're not gathered together just to whine about something.

The Lansing Police Department has sent people to attend our neighborhood meetings. They say, nearby neighborhoods have some violence, but all our neighborhood has is reports of found property. Not lost property, found property.

In short, it's really quite pleasant here already. We'd just like to make it even better.

Where We Live

Neighborhood boundaries are along these streets:

  • Mount Hope (north)
  • Cedar (east)
  • Greenlawn (south)
  • Washington (west)
Our Neighborhood


South Lansing Community Development Organization

What We've Done - Photos

Neighborhood News

What We Want In Our Neighborhood

Neighborhood News:

Neighborhood Meeting First Saturday Every Month, 10 A.M. at Washington Park. Agenda Includes Speakers and Neighborhood Business

Watch the Neighborhood for Special Events. These Take Place at Greencroft and Washington Parks


  • Pam Baker, President
  • Jane Parker, Vice-President
  • (vacant), Secretary
  • Martha Bell, Treasurer
  • Arniece Montgomery, member at large
  • Julie Lutrell, member at large



  • The park of Greencroft Park was acquired from the Pattengill Company in 1925.
  • The neighborhood of Greencroft Park has been in existence since at least 1940.
  • It has escaped being assimilated into the Old Everett Neighborhood Association due to historical city boundaries. Old Everett only came as far north as Greenlawn Road.
  • 2007:

  • October: Lansing City Council organizes a meeting of neighbors to discuss setting up a neighborhood association. 12 people attend.
  • November: The five people who are still interested come to a follow-up meeting. Most of these people volunteer to become the board. Volunteer to join us!
  • December: After a mass mailing, with 17 people in attendance, the neighborhood association is declared.
  • 2008:

  • January: Decided on "Greencroft Park" as neighborhood name.
  • February: First neighborhood event: ice skating party at Washington Park ice rink.
  • May: Began improvements at the city's Greencroft Park.
  • July: "Art in the Park" event at Greencroft Park.
  • October: Bylaws adopted. The neighborhood thereby becomes legal.
  • 2009:

  • The neighborhood organization has dissolved due to lack of volunteers to hold office.
  • The South Lansing Community Development Organization is currently holding the organization's funds.

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    The web page is hosted by Eiler Technical Enterprises, which has left the neighborhood but still supports neighborhood pride in all its forms. And people there may yet recognize the Eiler flag. Feel free to contact Scott Eiler or read his web log.