Childfree By Choice Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Part 1: Terminology, Support, and About the Group

Huh? Here is the list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the Usenet newsgroup. This FAQ has been regularly posted to, alt.answers, and news.answers since 1 November 1997. Its master copy is available on the Web at The master copy has internal and external HTML links to aid in navigation.

This document is now in two parts:

  1. Part 1 contains a brief description of terms, a list of support groups, and a description of this particular support group. It is meant for people who are not necessarily interested in the Usenet newsgroup, but are searching for any kind of support toward the absence of childrearing.
  2. Part 2 contains guidelines for posting to this group, and some responses that childfree people have already made to frequently asked questions about the desire not to raise children. It is meant for people who wish to post to the Usenet newsgroup

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Disclaimer: The information in this document is a matter of opinion, as is the entire newsgroup it represents. As such, nobody here takes responsibility for incorrect or inaccurate information in this document, beyond correcting the error in the document. 
Contents: Part 2: Posting Guidelines, Snappy Comebacks, and Links