Minions of Eiler Unite!

Military Forces of the Domination of Eiler

The Domination of Eiler's military doctrine concentrates on short-range force mobility in combination with strategically-placed EilerBases.

Heavy armored protection is usually counterproductive in most situations which the Domination's military forces have encountered, up to and including collision with armored vehicles. The Domination's armored vehicle of choice will bounce off the other vehicle, and sustain damage which can be repaired with duct tape. The Domination currently fields this armored vehicle of choice.

The Domination's cavalry is of course more vulnerable, but due to its mobility and intrinsic strength, has still survived collision with only most minor injuries.

The Domination of Eiler is capable of fielding an infantry, fast cavalry, heavy cavalry, armored carrier, or maritime force.

The Domination of Eiler has several divisions of military forces.

  1. The Domination Guard is present with the Domination's leadership at all times. One could say, the leadership and the Guard are inseparable.
    • The Domination Guard motto is, "Strong to Dominate".
  2. Citizens of the Domination who voluntarily submit to Domination command in any matter, attain the Domination rank of Minion, which is second only to the Dominator himself. The Domination sometimes works with Minion forces, especially in engineering matters.
    • The Domination Minion motto is, "Strong as the Domination".
  3. Like any political entity, the Domination makes alliances. Particularly valued allies are given Domination rank, as Coalition Partners.
  4. The Domination regularly works with militia forces, raised from among its citizens. All citizens may be called upon at any time to serve the Domination in a militia capability. Exemplary service can qualify any militiaman (or woman, or dog, etc.) for status as a Coalition Partner of the Domination of Eiler.

The Domination of Eiler also fields several special-purpose forces. The engineering, aerobics, and woodcarving forces have each been successful enough to have their own web sites and make money at it. All praise to the One Maker.